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  • Neethu Nandakumar

    Neethu Nandakumar

  • Niyo


    Say hello to Niyo, one of India’s leading fintech with a suite of products that make banking simpler, smarter and safer for you.

  • Meenakshi Harpanahalli

    Meenakshi Harpanahalli

    Works at Niyo

  • Tarosh kuchroo

    Tarosh kuchroo

    The reason I write about Astronomy is because I never stopped looking up.

  • Chinmay Rastogi

    Chinmay Rastogi

    Writer. Bike rider. Pronounces both words in a way they sound identical. Uses language to make people smile. Works at Niyo Solutions.

  • Disha


    Product Manager @Servd| Analyst | Music — Technology — FinTech — Business — Adventure | Experiences and creativity

  • Nandini


    In a life-long quest for an extraordinary life. || Nands

  • reddy sreekanth

    reddy sreekanth

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