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Trying to make sense of the world, one word at a time

You don’t have to be an industry expert to be a great asset

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A ritual in the making

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In this case “it” being me

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, maybe basic hygiene is our ticket to staying sane

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A list of things I absolutely cannot eat when trying to make a good first impression

  1. Salad: Don’t get me wrong, a cherry tomato here and there, even small olive slices, don’t do much harm. With salads, my main fear is the hero component: the leaf. Be it spinach or lettuce, arugula or rocket, there is just no elegant, efficient way to really get leaves folded neatly on a fork. Every time I’ve tried, it’s taken me absurd amounts of focus — usually forcing me to bite my tongue and squint suspiciously at my utensils — and hand-eye coordination (that I do not have) to get the leaves scrunched into manageable sizes. I don’t think it…

A further exploration into the performing arts scene in Chiang Mai

The Budding Dramaturgs of Chiang Mai University

Apeksha Atal

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